What Software do travel agents use for Flight booking

With the increase in yearly arrivals and departures by Flight internationally and Domestically in USA & Canada there is a increase in demand for online flight booking for quick and time saving, which pushed various travel agencies in US & Canada to subscribe as well as develop travel software. Here we will discuss the softwares which the travel agents use for flight booking.

With the help of GDS travel agencies use to provide services to customers.The GDS doesn’t contains the flight data for booking purposes, rather it has link to the Airliners database, so when the travel agent puts the information regarding the booking the GDS retrieves information from the different airliners database and produces the list of the different airlines along with their rates from which they have to choose and book.

Some of the GDS systems implemented by any Travel Portal Development Company that are used by the travel agents are as follows:

AirCore, AmeliaRES, Avantik PSS, Amadeus(1987), Sabre(1960) ACCELaero, Internet Booking Engine, Abacus(purchased by Sabre in 2015) , Patheo, Sell-More-Seats, Takeflite, Travel Technology Interactive. All these have the direct route to the different airlines companies specializing in Low cost airlines, Full service airlines, regional airlines computerised reservation systems based on the desired airline.

Also there is IATA(International Air Transport Association) which consists nearly 278 airliners representing 117 different countries, it has special service of Accreditation for travel , which shares airlines reservation access to reputed, most reliable and certified travel agents. Along with this Travel agents use Cosmopolitan travel website which is exclusively for them, and it doesn’t uses GDS access.

Some Travel agents also use online portals where few elements of GDS are available for flight ticket booking some of the online portals are Expedia, Skyscanner, Makemytrip,Travelocity, Fly.com,Kayak etc.

Some of the reputed travel agents in US and Canada along with the softwares used by them are as follows:

  1. Alanita travel- Specializing in providing cheap fares between US and     India,they use GDS services for flight booking.
  2. Citiair travel- Is the leading travel service provider in North America,     specializes in providing cheap tickets without compromising the quality of the service, uses GDS services for flight tickets booking.
  3. BookOtrip – Texas based travel agency, uses GDS services for flight tickets     booking and it displays the information regarding the list of best international and domestic flights, along with the list of trending     flight routes with best budget rates, uses
  4. Horizon Trip- Based in texas, uses GDS services for flight tickets booking.
  5. Budget Tours and Travels Bureau- Connecticut based travel agency which is the member of IATA travel accreditation for retrieving flight informations for tickets booking .
  6. Travelnet inc.- Agency based on rockville maryland which uses GDS services for     flight tickets booking.
  7. JustFares – Seattle based travel agency opened by travel professionals, uses GDS     services for flight tickets booking.
  8. Mercury trip- California based travel agency, which is also the member of IATA travel accreditation for retrieving flight informations for tickets booking.

With increase in travelling by US residents as well …