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The Truth about Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

A lot of myths have been surrounding male pattern baldness. Some people think that wearing hats bring on baldness and some think that baldness comes exclusively from the mother’s side of the family. The reality is that it is increasing exposure of the hair follicles in the scalp to DHT or dihydrotestosterone, that causes balding in men. DHT makes the pores in the scalp slowly shrink over time so that the pores completely disappear. And this is why bald men have this smooth, shiny look on their scalp.

Myths that people believe about baldness and hair replacement are discussed below and shows that they are not true.

People are afraid to have hair replacement since they think that their hair will look like fake hair. Wearing a wig or toupee is something made fun of because it sometimes look like a mop or a dead animal. But this is no longer true today since the wigs and toupee that you can buy are more natural looking because of advancements in the hair replacement industry. These wigs and toupees look and feel like real hair. You can even wash and style them.
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Some people don’t want to wear wigs and toupees, and they can find other non-surgical hair replacement procedures that make use of existing follicles to create thicker hair and nicer looking frontal hairline.
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One such procedure is laser therapy. In laser therapy, blood flow is increased under the skin through low-grade, low-heat laser that penetrates the outer layer of the scalp. Follicles will grow that leads to more natural hair growth because of the increase in blood flow.

Other therapies include non-surgical grafts which is done by transferring existing strands of hair from parts of your scalp that have better growth to the balding areas. In this location, the scalp will continue to nourish the hair since they are planted directly into the dermis. The strands in these areas continue to grow just like in the surrounding areas.

Some other misgivings of people with hair replacement therapy is that their hairline won’t look natural. Today with the latest grafting technology, your hairline will look and feel natural even with hair grafting.

Some say that non-surgical procedures are not as effective as the surgical ones, but this is not always true. Surgical graft is a legitimate procedure for male pattern baldness. There are many people who undergo surgical grafts yearly and come out with great results. Now they have thicker, fuller hair with a more defined outline. However not every type of baldness can be treated using surgical graft. The overall strand density of people with thinning hair and type A alopecia is no affected by cutting out pieces of hair and thus will not be effective. Wearing a wig, laser therapy or non-surgical grafts are the best solution for this type of hair problems.