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How Deep Tissue Therapy is Done

The massage that goes deep into your sub-layers to reach for your paining deep muscles is called the deep tissue therapy. There are particular pains and body conditions that require the deep tissue massage. The deep tissue massage is applied to necks that are stiff, paining upper and lower back and the leg spasms.

The deep massage treatment uses strokes those same as the ones used in the classic massage therapy. The only difference comes in where the movement used here is slower and the pressure is deepened and concentrated on areas of pain and tension. When the masseuse fails to deepen the pressure on the affected tissue, the pain will rarely subside. Apart from strokes, the therapist can choose to use fingertips, forearms, hands, knuckles or the elbows. Even with other methods, the pressure that the deep massage requires is often stronger compared to the classic massage.

How does the deep tissue therapy work on the paining areas? As the professional is massaging the area, there is a physical breakdown of the adhesions that restrict normal body movement and boot out the pain in the specific area. Mostly, the masseuse uses the oil applied during the massage and then applies on the area direct concentrated force. The massage makes the muscles to relax so that the deeper tissues can be reached easily to alleviate the pain. Some ache or stiffness of muscles is reported after the deep tissue therapy is administered. It however, subsides within a day or so. Mostly, people are advised to apply ice to the area for pain relief.
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Deep tissue therapy offers several health benefits to the body. When it comes to relieving the osteoarthritis pain, the deep tissue massage is most recommended. Improvement in the movement of body parts is registered mostly after the deep tissue massage is carried out. The deep tissue massage, therefore, is used in alleviating the fibromyalgia pain. The deep tissue massage is also known for alleviating muscle tension, recurrent strain injury, and postural problems among others. The other most important benefit is that you get to exercise your muscles hence keeping fit.
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What should your concerns be as you approach the massage station? One, if it is your first time at the parlour or the clinic, arrive a few minutes early to complete some required forms and also to relax before starting the therapy. It is recommended that you take light meals as you go for your massage. After the massage, drink enough water. This water helps to flush out toxins that are released from the muscles. The water can also help to rehydrate the muscles properly which in turn reduces the muscle pains and stiffness after the deep tissue massage.